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Men’s Urinary Health Formula

Flosom is a proprietary blend of natural plant oils extracted and blended into a clinically proven formulation that supports men’s overall health and vitality.

Flosom is the ultimate daily supplement for men 40+.


“My husband was waking me up three times a night so I thought I’d give Flosom a try. Within a week he was rarely getting up in the middle of the night and said he felt so much more refreshed in the morning!”

Margie S. – Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve tried a few Hemp CBD products, but Flosom is the first product that allowed me to get a full night’s sleep. My wife and I, thank you immensely (especially my wife)."

Jonathan P. – Miami, FL

"My Urologist suggested I try Flosom. I was surprised to see how much it improved my discomfort from urination and I find it helps with my anxiety too."

Bruce L. – Boston, MA


The proprietary combination of high-quality natural ingredients in Flosom are the key to the creation of the most powerful Men’s Health and Wellness formulation for any man 40+ that wants to feel better, rest better, and perform better!


Saw Palmetto (aka Serenoa Repens) has been one of the most prescribed herbal supplements for men’s health over the last three decades. Since the 90’s there have been conclusive studies that show oil extract from the Saw Palmetto berry (or seed) effectively decrease nocturia (night-time urination), urinary frequency, and helps peak flow. Flosom uses the most modern CO2 extraction techniques to harness the powers of wild grown Floridian Saw Palmetto berries.

The concentrated oil in Flosom contains more of the active compound you may find in other men’s health products which is why this proprietary formulation vastly outperforms any other product in this category.


Hemp-based CBD extract has rapidly become a well-known natural therapeutic with many uses. While CBD is a component of marijuana, by itself it does not cause a “high” or the feeling of being intoxicated. Because cannabis was prohibited for many years, there is still a lot of research and studies that can be done to learn more about the health effects of this natural plant.

The Broad Spectrum CBD oil in Flosom is CO2 extracted from hemp plants grown right here in the USA. All products have been third party tested to ensure they are free of contaminants, heavy metals, and contain the appropriate labeled dose.


Flosom, the only urinary health product on the market that harnesses the synergy of saw palmetto and CBD. We have created a unique blend of natural ingredients and Cannabidiol for men 40 years+.



As you age, your prostate health is more at risk and in need of external natural ingredients to help support it.


Flosom is a pharmacist run natural line designed to provide the highest quality of ingredients on the market.


Frequent urination at night is very common and 1 in 3 adults over 30 make at least two trips to the bathroom every night.