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(43% OFF – 6 MONTH BUNDLE) FLOSOM+ CBD: Natural Prostate Health Supplement

Original price was: $419.99.Current price is: $239.99.

Flosom is a proprietary blend of natural plant oils extracted and blended into a clinically proven formulation that supports men’s overall health and vitality.

Flosom is the ultimate daily supplement for men 40+.


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“My husband was waking me up three times a night so I thought I’d give Flosom a try. Within a week he was rarely getting up in the middle of the night and said he felt so much more refreshed in the morning!”

Margie S. – Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve tried a few Hemp CBD products, but Flosom is the first product that allowed me to get a full night’s sleep. My wife and I, thank you immensely (specially my wife)."

Jonathan P. – Miami, FL

"My Urologist suggested I try Flosom. I was surprised to see how much it improved my discomfort from urination and I find it helps with my anxiety too."

Bruce L. – Boston, MA